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The study Consulting Labour Stephen Calcagni, taking advantage of a young and dynamic team deals with employment advice and personnel administration at 360 °, carrying out a delicate and important task of balancing between conveniences, rights and obligations under the tax laws, tax , labor law and safety in the workplace. The role of the consultant's work is crucial to getting the best quality for the management of human resources and the problems arising from benefit costs, employee compensation and bureaucratic increasingly oppressive. The Firm Consulting Labour Stephen Calcagni offers flexible solutions and punctual and intelligent management of employees and autonomous cooperate or interact with the company or professional. Calcagni Stefano, the licensed professional who led the study Calcagni, was admitted to the Provincial Labour Consultant of Frosinone since 2003 and delegated by the Foundation for Labour Consultants to conduct brokerage services in the world of work (FR00887FL). Dr. Stephen Calcagni, always fond of the subject of labor law and social legislation, has a degree in Legal Sciences to address national labor law and international, he took part in a Masters in Labour Consultancy at the University Cassino (FR). Since 1998 Coordinator and Professor credited for matters of Labour Law and Social Legislation, at Training Institutions of the Lazio Region. The Labour Consultant Dr. Stephen Calcagni is attentive to the training of its staff, by updating constantly on the regulations on labor law, social obligations, work safety, and in general the administration staff. The legislation requires labor consultants to continuing education and the labor consultant Stefano Calcagni has always been respectful of this requirement, boasting abundant overcoming the limitations imposed by law for mandatory training. Studio Calcagni is able to handle the search and selection of staff to be introduced on the staff of the client, evaluate their impact in the company organization, propose and evaluate with the employer or their agents see situations more related to the characteristics sought , with particular focus on possible cost-saving direct and / or indirect. Among the soft skills that characterize the Study Calcagni, they appear very important the interpersonal communication, analytical skills, customer orientation and problem solving. The study Calcagni well as offering so "ordinary" service employment advice and personnel administration, looking to the limit of the availability of "accompany" the customer in the most convenient choices. The labor law is far from defined, often requires an interpretation of the rules or the adaptation of laws that often have gaps or inaccuracies. For these reasons, almost always choices in the field of personnel administration or human resources is not easy and involves a multitude of assessments fall into the following types: Adequate assessment of the job applicant; Type of work contract and applicable to be applied; Salary costs, social contributions and ordinary and deferred; Rating possible future litigation depending on the choices made; As supplemental payments or special social security frameworks; Limits and opportunities of civil different solutions; Repercussions for special requests of workers; Regulatory limits for working hours, time off work and other rights; Opportunity regulations or tax relief; The firm's consulting work Calcagni Stefano us pick the customer according to their addressing "degree of risk" in the direction most suitable, taking into account the repercussions and future, direct and indirect, of the choices to be made.